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Getting Started

Welcome, and thanks for downloading my template!

This template has been designed to be the most comprehensive book tracking template out there, while still being very easy to use. Here we'll go over the basic functions, and then move on to more advanced things such as the optional Readwise integration.



Side Menu

On the left side of the page you will find the staple feature of this template, a persistent side menu. No matter where you go in the library, this menu will be there.

The menu is made up of 3 sections:

At the bottom of the side menu you will find the Usage Guide & Resources, where you are now. This page is not only instructions, but the suggested place to store the Readwise database, which we will go over soon.

The side menu is a sync block, which means any changes you make (such as changing an icon) automatically populates across every menu.

Content Area

The content area on the right will show books relative to where you are in the system. Pretty simple.

What is significant about this way of organizing things, is that now every category can have it's own sort views. Every category has sorts by status, author, title, and rating, in both gallery (card) and info (table) views.



Adding Books

The suggested way to add books is to go to the category page for that book, and click New. This will ensure no blank entries get lost if you happen to back out before filling in the information. Book covers are displayed based on Page covers. I suggest searching Google images for the book, and using the right click contextual menu to 'Copy image address', and then when adding cover choose the 'Link' option and pasting it there.

Don't forget to set a status!


It is highly encouraged to create note taking templates. None have been included, as everyone's preferred way to take notes can vary greatly. Any templates made for the Books DB will be available throughout the system.

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library offers a simplified interface optimized for a mobile experience. Gone is the side menu, in favor of a single unified linked database. Under the database views, you will find options for viewing all books with 4 different sort options, and a view for every category sorted by title.

If your book tracker is something you access frequently on a mobile platform, I suggest favoriting it, and adding the favorites widget to your home screen.


Preparing for use

All you have to do is open this toggle and delete all the entries in the database, and you're set!